Someone finally invented an intuitive inventory tracker! Keep up the good work. I will be in touch. I have had my cawfee and am busily plugging away at my Andale online store. I am able to do this horrendous left-brained task because your software enabled me to do lingerie inventory and cough up a purchase order for sizes and colors that we need to reorder in about 4 minutes! I really feel like there is hope for me yet!

I love this software!!! I have several inventory programs that are included with internet hosting services that I use and they do not work! This is awesome! I am so “right-brained” that to keep track of anything but my head is a real issue–this frees me up to be as creative and customer-oriented as i like! This is help for the “organizationally challenged among us!” – Judy Paleologos – priscillascloset.com


Inventory Tracker Plus is the most user friendly software I have ever used. The support was excellent during the free download period and the response time to queries was very quick.

It is the perfect program for every stage of your business especially for small Ma and Pa Craft Market sellers. As everything is on the screen that you need no paper and pen notes needed.

I especially liked the fact that you allowed a 10 day fully functioning program to be used it made it so much easier to see if this was what I was looking for.


After spending countless hours researching products available for tracking inventory for my small business, I was thrilled with the product SpiritWorks had available. Not only did the capabilities and pricing appeal to me, the support and helpful information I received was superior. I would recommend this product to anyone. – Jim Lina, Angler’s Choice Tackle, L.L.C.


I can’t stress enough to you how much your program has saved us in bookkeeping time, inventory, and sales tabulation. It has increased our productivity by 20%. Thanks, Tony and Kathy Antetomaso