Equipment Rental Tracker Plus Updated to v3.0

SpiritWorks Software is proud to announce a major update to Equipment Rental Tracker Plus.

Version 3.0 has the following improvements:

* A Quote feature has been added. Now you can create an Invoice Creator record without actually removing items from inventory until you change Quote to Invoice. Near the middle of the right side of the Invoice Creator window are the Quote and Invoice options. If you choose Quote, an item added to the Product(s) field is not removed from inventory until the Invoice button is clicked. If you never create Quotes this feature can be hidden by clicking Prefs, then Invoice Creator Prefs, and then disabling the Show Quote Option.

* Added Hide Retail Prices option to Invoice Creator Preferences.

* Improved the Move Totals to Right in invoices feature.

* Added Availability Checker for Rental Items. This report shows when rental units are rented or available for any 7 week period.

* Added Rental Schedule Report – This report shows when Items are due to be rented, or returned, or only those to be returned within a narrow date range

* In the Inventory Tracker Prefs window the Rental Return Dates menu is used to let the software know if a Rental item must be marked Available before it can be rented again. The three choices in this menu are:

* If you choose Expected (or enable the ACI option), then you can create multiple invoices for a Rental item because the item is expected to be returned (and will automatically be made Available) on the Expected Return Date.

* If you choose the ACI Option an ACI (Auto Check In) option button will appear in Inventory Tracker for all Rental items.

* If you choose Estimated, an invoice for the Rental item can be Extended but no other invoices can be created until it is marked Available. When the item is returned, you need to remember to enable the Available option. When the Available option is enabled, the Estimated Return Date is empty.

* Other minor improvements.

The price for a Registration number has been raised to $299, but this is still a one time charge that includes technical support and updates.

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